Content Authors

Software architect, data nerd, writer, speaker, and animal lover.

php developer && open source enthusiast. sometimes writer, sometimes speaker. loves cats, elephpants and unicorns.

Software engineer with a passion for the web. Organizer of AmsterdamPHP

Company owner, Developer, User group organizer and family man (not necessarily in that order)

Web developer, Laravel enthousiast, willing to learn

Software Developer, Artist, Writer. Creator of

Software Developer with a passion for Databases, sometimes speaker, LEGO lover and a dog person.

Programmer, Jiu-Jitsu noob and heavy metal maniac.

Web Application Developer, Amateur Photographer, Blogger, Recovering Incompletionist.

Student of Systems • Meddler of Models • Labourer of Legacy

Standard Human. Reasonable Developer. Poorly co-ordinated.

A little bit too fake

Does things with computers. Mostly voiding the warranty.

Family man, PHP freak, conference speaker, co-founder of Ingewikkeld, usergroup-maniac, music addict

Roave man, conference speaker, pretend developer. Pool player.

PHP developer, writer, speaker, father.

Gush lead developer, team member, author, translator, sometimes speaker too, like simplicity and clean code