Contributing to dev-human

dev-human uses Sculpin, a static website generator created by Beau Simensen using Silex. But you don't need to worry about any of this: the only thing you need in order to contribute with an article for dev-human is a GitHub account.

The articles are written in markdown. You just need to create a new file in the project tree, following some simple rules, and make a pull request to submit your content. You don't even need to clone the repository in your local machine - all can be done through the GitHub interface. Please check the detailed instructions on how to submit your article.

If you want to preview your article in the exact way it's going to be published on the website, than you'll need to have PHP and Sculpin installed in your local machine. Check the section running dev-human locally.


We kindly ask you to follow these simple guidelines before submitting your article:

  • Only submit content created by you. If your article is based on someone else's work, please add the references
  • Try to be language-agnostic if possible
  • Use a Spell Checker to make sure everything is OK before submitting
  • Always be respectful.


There are a large variety of topics that would be great to have in dev-human. This list is just to give you a base, a general idea of what we are looking for.

Your personal opinions about:

  • how Internet "affects" us
  • productivity
  • dealing with cognitive bias
  • how to feel more fulfilled in life
  • ways to be a better developer
  • ways to be a better person

Again, this is just a very basic starting point. There are many other subjects we could discuss here. Feel free to suggest more topics.

If you are not sure whether your idea fits or not, or if you would like to contribute but you don't know what topic to choose, you can just ask! - join us at IRC (Freenode), on #dev-human, or send an email to

Republishing Content

If you already have some published articles that you think would be a good fit for dev-human, please submit! We will be happy to republish them here, including a link to the original post.