Hello Humans!

Hi there!

dev-human is a project I've been mentally nurturing for about one year now. A couple friends heard me talking about it. But I could never bring it into reality, until now.

After raving with complex development ideas that would take forever to implement, I just found out that the most important thing about this project is not code, or anything programming-related. The most important matter for building dev-human is content. And people able to create this content.

So today I'm releasing dev-human 's bootstrap. It took me 2 days to build this base using Sculpin, a static website generator from the great Beau Simensen. I like things simple, and I like to focus on content instead of code, from time to time.

Please have a look at our about page to better understand what is dev-human.

I hope some of you will join me, contributing with your ideas - this is not the kind of project that can be built with one mind only. Do you have an interesting idea to share? A story? A theory? A hobby? Something funny? Something that sounded too off-topic for your technical blog? Then please, contribute.


php developer && open source enthusiast. sometimes writer, sometimes speaker. loves cats, elephpants and unicorns.

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