Bye Coding!

I just wanted to give this a shot. So here we go. I want you to put everybody to think about what will happen on that day that you will stop coding for good. I mean I know that you may say now: I like it so much that I will never leave it. But truth said we will stop some day. You cannot think clearly in the same way all your life. Think of a disease. Yep! You got me now.

My second stance on this is the question: How will you live your life? After giving so much importance to coding and now not being more acquainted the same with other things. Will it feel weird? What will you do? What I want to raise here is the thought of we seldom prepare for the future, and in particular this future, provided we don't pass away before. And this is not just bad news like preparing for a possible death but actually preparing for what is next when we get old.

I remember seeing at a conference I went to some really old people and was thinking: How do they still code? I mean are they total vet consultants? I bet they don't care about good jobs anymore, they just care about their ideas and truly have fun with them. Well that made me think that I too should think about the future.

Our brain get excited with twitter messages and interaction over a PR. Does it get excited in the same way with any other things around us in the physical life? What do you do now that will prepare you for the future whether is bright or dark? What could you do now to help you think clear what you want to do then? And how that can change how you behave or relate now with peers, at home, in the real world.

My 5 nuevos soles.

your friend :) cordoval


Gush lead developer, team member, author, translator, sometimes speaker too, like simplicity and clean code

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