Gabriela D'Ávila Software Developer with a passion for Databases, sometimes speaker, LEGO lover and a dog person.
Igor Wiedler A little bit too fake
Joshua Thijssen Does things with computers. Mostly voiding the warranty.
Mathias Verraes Student of Systems • Founder of Aardling
Matthias Noback PHP developer, writer, speaker, father.
Steve Brazier Standard Human. Reasonable Developer. Poorly co-ordinated.
Ramon de la Fuente Company owner, Developer, User group organizer and family man (not necessarily in that order). Likes to build and maintain business critical software with the team at Future500 B.V.
Stefan Koopmanschap Family man, PHP freak, conference speaker, co-founder of Ingewikkeld, usergroup-maniac, music addict
Tobias van Beek Dutch web developer, working with PHP. Love to spend some time on opensource projects and helping other people.
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