If you want to run the project in your local machine - in order to preview how your article will look like in the website, or to contribute with improvements to the website - you’ll need Docker installed. In addition, Make can be useful to simplify running things. Clone the Repository First, clone the repository to your local machine: > git clone https://github.com/dev-human/dev-human Run a local server through Make commands The project comes with a Makefile that you can use of you don’t want to remember the individual commands required.
Basically, you only need to create a Pull Request. An article is just a markdown file with some specific metadata information (title, authors, categories) that will be used to generate the static files in the website. This page contains detailed instructions on how to submit your article via GitHub, without the need to clone the repository locally. If you want to run the project in your local machine, in order to preview how the article will look like when published, please check the section Running dev-human locally.
dev-human uses Hugo, a static website generator written in Go. But you don’t need to worry about any of this: the only thing you need in order to contribute with an article for dev-human is a GitHub account. The articles are written in markdown. You just need to create a new file in the project tree, following some simple rules, and make a pull request to submit your content. You don’t even need to clone the repository in your local machine - all can be done through the GitHub interface.
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